The Process

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We’ll pick up your rug

David and his helpers arrive at your home and remove the rug from under your furniture.


All stains are pretreated and soaked in specialized products for a few days.


The rug and fringes are washed with safe wool detergents and dried overnight in a 140 degree drying room.


The next day, the fringes are hand washed a second time and dried for 24 hours.


The rug is inspected and if any stains are observed, they are post treated.

Fringe Cleaning

We wash the fringes by hand with specialized products


The rugs are wrapped completely in recyclable kraft paper. You can leave your rugs in this packaging indefinitely.


My crew and I will spread the rug back under your furniture or, if you like, keep it in the package for you to store.