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Oriental Rug Cleaning

About Us

Davids Rug Cleaning is New Jersey’s most reliable rug cleaning service. Having been in the business since 1995, David’s Rug Cleaning cleans rugs with the most thorough care. We wash all types of rugs, from Persian oriental rugs to a rug bought from a department store. The owner David delights in interacting with his customers and attends every appointment and phone call. His knowledge of rugs is vast because of his extensive travels in Asia.

David Tavit is the owner of David’s Rug Cleaning. Throughout 20 years he has traveled the world, opened businesses, and completed college education, all in the name of rugs. David grew up in Turkey and immigrated to America alone at the age of 17. In Turkey, his father was a collector of oriental rugs as works of art. David got into the oriental rug business in 1995 after graduating college in Manhattan with a business degree. There, he worked for 2 wholesale oriental rug companies. In 2000 he picked up and moved to New Jersey with his family to start his own rug wholesale and retail business.

A World of Experience

David traveled to India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, and his native Turkey multiple times to purchase rugs. Because of his travels, David has a keen and educated eye about all kinds of oriental rugs, and has seen them being made. In 2009 he stopped selling oriental rugs and transitioned to rug cleaning only. For over a decade, the company has washed, repaired, and restored 10,000s of rugs. For David, rugs is not just a business. Its a passion. He takes joy in having the privilege to interact with every customer. Not just once, but from the first phone call to the final delivery David is there. He is able to apply all his rug expertise to any type of carpet to accomplish the safest and most effective rug cleaning. David believes that his presence at every appointment, along with his knowledge of rugs, sets David’s Rug Cleaning apart from other companies. David’s Rug Cleaning has an owner who cares, loves, and enjoys cleaning your rug: every step of the way.