Moth Treatment

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Moth Treatment

When you have moths festering your rug, its because larvae feed on the protein-based keratins in the wool or silk of your rug. The larvae feed on this protein from 2 months old to 24 months old until it becomes a mature flying moth. A female moth will lay an average of 50 eggs.

We eliminate all eggs in washing, and the high drying temperature cracks all surviving moth eggs. You rug becomes moth free! After this process your rug is sprayed front and back with magnesium silica fluoride to prevent further damage.

3 Methods are traditionally used to combat moths in your house:

1. Natural moth repellants Substances like cedar, lavender, cloves, vinegar, and black pepper are used to deter moths, but they are not terribly effective.

2. Pheromone traps These are sticky glue traps containing pheromones that attracts the male moths. However, the female moths are not attracted to these traps and since they are the ones that lay the eggs, these traps will not solve home infestation. These traps are great for testing to see if you have moths in your house but not for an effective removal.

3. Mothballs Mothballs contain a substance that excretes a toxic gas that effectively kill moths. However, the gas is toxic to all living things including pets and humans and your whole house will smell like moth ball. Mothballs are not ideal for moth removal.