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David's Rug Cleaning is New Jersey’s most reliable rug cleaning service.

In business since 1995.

About Us

Having been in the business since 1995, David’s rug cleaning clean rugs with the most thorough care. We wash all types of rugs, from Persian oriental rugs to a rug bought from a department store. The owner David delights in interacting with his customers and attends every appointment and phone call. His knowledge of rugs is vast because of his extensive travels in Asia.

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The Process

Your rug will be delivered about one week after pickup. 

 David and his helpers arrive at your home and remove the rug from under your furniture. All stains are pretreated and soaked in specialized products for a few days

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Rug Repair

David’s Rug Cleaning offers a variety of rug repair services

The rug repair man is Iranian and has been doing this work for 40 years and he can weave a rug from scratch. We can repair your fringes or put a brand new fringe. If the edges of the rug is coming out or fraying we can restore them. If there are holes in the rugs, we can reweave them or patch them. We can restore moth damage and reduce a rugs size. We are qualified to do any and every possible repair on an area rug.

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Additional Services

We do more than just clean rugs.


When you have moths festering your rug, its because larvae feed on the protein-based keratins in the wool or silk of your rug. The larvae feeds on this protein from 2 months old to 24 months old until it becomes a mature flying moth. Larvae can cause extensive damage to wool and silk rugs. David’s rug cleaning has great expertise in this field. After cleaning, we can spray magnesium silica fluoride to the entire front and back of the rug to make the wool yarn unpalatable for larvae. Further damage is thus prevented.



Fiber Shield is a spray protection shield that can aid in preventing stains.



We highly recommend that any good rug should have our high quality, reliable padding. The bottom side is made out of rubber and the upright side has a sand paper texture to


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

David has cleaned my area rugs twice. The first time was shortly after we lost our elderly dog who had several accidents on them. We didn’t think they would come clean, but you would never know once David was done with them! This time was for a regular cleaning and I was surprised at the difference in brightness. David knows his stuff! He and his crew are quick and respectful in your home. Would definitely use again.

Wendy M.
Summit, NJ

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David personally came to our home to assess and estimate the needed cleaning of a badly stained wool rug in our living room. Long story but suffice it to say that he went above and beyond his promised service to get the desired result.
Fair, honest and thorough – and on time!

Highly recommend.

David M.
Red Bank, NJ

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We’ve used David’s Rug cleaning to treat our area rugs twice now over about a 5 year period. Always professional and prompt. They were able to give us a 1-hour window for pickup and delivery. And they were in and out out of our house very quickly. When the rugs came back, I was shocked at how much brighter they looked.

I will definitely use their services again.

Erin G.
Princeton, NJ

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David and team washed my Persian rugs. They turned out beautifully — much more vibrant than when we had them cleaned elsewhere. David also helped with our moth problem, treating the rugs and offering advice for future prevention. His team picked up the rugs and returned them, faster than I expected, and helped with re-positioning them under a heavy couch. We’ll use David’s Rug Cleaning again!

Montclair, NJ

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David personally handled my request with efficiency and the highest quality service. I LOVE that they pick your rug up, clean it, then put it back, moving furniture and getting everything back to the way it was- only cleaner!! Since my first successful experience I plan to use David’s for all my good rugs.

Thank you!

Lucy S.
Mendham, NJ

Great experience.
They came, picked up my 7 x 9 wool rug and brought it back spotless. Looked better than when it was new!!!!
Very fair pricing. Highly recommend. They will be our go-to from now on.

Linda B.
Paramus, NJ

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