Our Services

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rug repair

 David’s rug cleaning offers a variety of rug repair services. The rug repair man is Iranian and has been doing this work for 40 years and he can weave a rug from scratch. We can repair your fringes or put a brand new fringe. If the edges of the rug is coming out or fraying we can restore them. If there are holes in the rugs, we can reweave them or patch them. We can restore moth damage and reduce a rugs size. We are qualified to do any and every possible repair on an area rug.

Odor removal

We frequently treat 3 types of odors.

1. Pet/Urine odor

We love our pets, but sometimes they’re trouble makers. Their accidents can cause offensive odors on your rugs. After we wash the rugs and remove all substances out of the rug, we spray alcohol based enzymes to the front and back of the rug to kill any surviving organisms which cause the odor. Once these organisms are killed, the rug is odor-free.

2. Water damage odor

When a rug gets wet and stays wet, it encourages growth of mold and mildew funguses. To treat this, after the wash we have specialized products that are sprayed to the front and back of the rug to eliminate all living organisms.

3. Human vomit

If this happens, after the wash your rug is treated with alcohol based enzymes to kill all living organisms. This will eliminate harmful germs and the smell.

Stain Removal

We often remove the following stains successfully:

– pet stains

– wine spills

-coffee and tea spills

– rust stains

– nail polish and makeup

– permanent marker

– blood

-food stains


Moth Treatment

When you have moths festering your rug, its because larvae feed on the protein-based keratins in the wool or silk of your rug. The larvae feeds on this protein from 2 months old to 24 months old until it becomes a mature flying moth. Larvae can cause extensive damage to wool and silk rugs. David’s rug cleaning has great expertise in this field. After cleaning, we can spray magnesium silica fluoride to the entire front and back of the rug to make the wool yarn unpalatable for larvae. Further damage is thus prevented.

Fiber Shield

Fiber Shield is a spray protection shield that can aid in preventing stains.

Buying Padding

We highly recommend that any good rug should have our high quality, reliable padding. The bottom side is made out of rubber and the upright side has a sand paper texture to provide traction. The paddings are cut 1 to 2 fingers smaller than the rug. At times, we cut it to curve with the rug.

A padding serves at least 3 advantages

1. Keeps the rug in place

2. Prevent stretching and curving

3. Rubber absorbs shock from feet and prevents premature wear