Oriental Rug Cleaning

I was so pleased with the service I received. From the pick up the cleaning and the delivery I give David an Aplus rating. I highly recommend his company!

Diana A.
Summit, NJ
Oct 2016

David was knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. We recently had some repair work done to a few of our older rugs and his team’s work was meticulous. The rugs were returned to us in beautiful condition. His delivery crew replaced each carpet to it’s previous location with care and attention to detail. We are confident that these repairs will allow us to enjoy our rugs for many years to come. We feel lucky to have come across such a quality company right in our community.

Jeanine D.
Shrewsbury, NJ
Sep 2016

DELIGHTED! The customer service and results of David’s Rug Cleaning on our 7 rugs (3 Oriental) absolutely exceeded our expectations! My wife and I agree that this was the BEST experience we have had with any business that we have used in literally the last 30 years! Let me explain… First of all, David comes personally when the rugs are picked up and delivered to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction! When does an owner do that? Secondly, he promised us our rugs in 3 weeks and he delivered them to us on a Saturday afternoon exactly 3 weeks from the day he promised them! Thirdly, the cleaning and re-fringing were absolutely beyond our wildest dreams. Let me tell you about the Oriental rugs: The first one was inherited from a relative and we estimate it to be 60-70 years old. To our knowledge, it had never been professionally cleaned. David’s knowledge of his business is extraordinary and he was able to identify it as coming from India. The cleaning job on this rug was phenomenal. It looks like a new rug. Instead of hiding it under our king size bed, it now sits proudly in our family room where several guests have commented on it. The second rug was a silk rug we had purchased at an auction 15 years ago. It needed to be re-fringed and had never been cleaned. The cleaning of this rug was beyond great, and the new fringe that David’s workers hand sewed on looks fabulous! Finally, the third rug was also 15 years old and had never been cleaned. It had an old stain from Christmas tree water that had overflowed. David was able to remove the stain and the cleaning job made it look new again. I am sorry to drone on in this review but as a former National Sales Manager for three large Corporations, I used to emphasize excellent customer service. My gold standard with my people for customer service was to delight your customer! David not only delighted us with his customer service and his cleaning of the rugs, but he also delighted us with his follow up. The furniture moving by his pick up and delivery men was exceptional, and David’s knowledge of his trade is unsurpassed! I strongly recommend his business and look forward to seeing him in a year for an annual cleaning.

Bill S.
July 2016
Holmdel, NJ
Ocean, NJ

Fantastic customer service! Came highly recommended to me and I will pass along that recommendation to others.

Carrie M.
Red Bank, NJ
June 2016

Had many rugs cleaned by them. They are amazing, easy and professional. What you’d hope for with your quality purchases.

Cyn K, Westfield, NJ
March 2016

I have been a customer of David’s Rug Cleaning for several years. My Oriental Carpets are always returned beautifully cleaned. David is etremely knowledgeable and I would trust him with your best carpet. David and his employees are always prompt, courteous and efficient.

Barbara B.
Little Silver, NJ
March 2016

David’s rug was great! Got my spot out and cleaned my rug. so thankful!!!!

Julie C.
Springfield, NJ
June 2016

David’s Rug Cleaning has done work for me over the past few years. I found him and his team members to be extremely professional and the rugs came back in great shape and in a timely manner. Next time you need your Orientals cleaned, call this company. You won’t be sorry…he know everything about these carpets and more.

Martha P.
Ridgewood, NJ
March 2016

Great service. They will come and pick up your rug and provide a one hour window where they will come and pick it up. They are very professional and David is extremely knowledgeable about rugs. They not only know how to clean the rug but David told me the origin of the rug, where it was manufactured and an estimate of the rug price.

Ben L.
March 2016
Short Hills, NJ

If you live in NJ and need your rugs cleaned there’s only one place to call. On faith I trusted them with 7 rugs. They came, they took and they brought them back in a timely manner. David and his crew cut the padding for each rug (I hadn’t had any) and offered suggestions for placement; advice I needed for my new home. David is now my go to person for rugs as besides the excellent job cleaning the ones I have he offered to advice me on my next rug purchase.

Susan L.
Princeton, NJ
Oct 2015

David answered the phone right away and gave me detailed descriptions of what he could do for my rugs, including explanations of the effects of various elements on the wool. He also gave me accurate timings and how much it would cost. When he came to the house, his expertise was clear as he inspected each of my rugs. Later he was able to advise me oh the phone when I sent him a photo of an additional rug. All of our rugs came back vastly improved and all three men cut pads and installed the rugs beautifully. I would absolutely recommend David’s Rug Cleaning.

Susannah C.
Tenafly, NJ
Oct 2015

Great service. They will come and pick up your rug and provide a one hour window where they will come and pick it up. They are very professional and David is extremely knowledgeable about rugs. They not only know how to clean the rug but David told me the origin of the rug, where it was manufactured and an estimate of the rug price.

Laurence S.
Skillman, NJ
Oct 2015

David’s rug cleaning did a superb cleaning job on my oriental hand made wool rug it had some spots that the pile was not even and once cleaned it was restored. The fringes are white and bright and the rug looks like brand new I also noticed it doesn’t she’d like it used to when I vacuumed it with the power head on my miele vacuum I used to notice a white powder left on the power head and not no more since it was now cleaned 🙂 David and his staff are very professional and courteous I highly recommend David’s rug cleaning you will not be disappointed and did I mention they pick up rugs and drop them off that is a great thing.

Alex V.
Hackensack, NJ
June 2015

This is the first time I’ve used David’s rug cleaning. I was happy with everything. Their prices are competitive. David is a rug enthusiast and knows his business. He took the time to explain everything. Pick up and delivery went more than smoothly, taking the utmost care of our carpets.

Christine S.
Caldwell, NJ
Feb 2015

“Thank you again for the prompt and professional service that you provided recently on our room-size family heirloom Persian rug. We greatly appreciated your pick up and delivery service, and the cleaning and repair work that you performed on the rug is beautiful! We will definitely call you again.”

Cheryl L.

Basking Ridge

“I was very pleased with the work done recently by David’s Imported Rugs in cleaning an Oriental rug. The sales associate seemed very knowledgeable about rugs, as well as being very courteous.The rug was picked up and returned in a timely fashion and the work done was fine. The padding we purchased from them was high quality.”

Colleen K.

Short Hills, NJ