David got into the rug business in 1994 after getting his college degree in New York City. He worked for an Oriental rug wholesaler for six years before opening his store in Summit, NJ in the year 2000.

He opened David’s Imported Rugs next door to Lois Schneider’s Realty. For the next 8 years, he provided quality rugs from many foreign countries, traveling there personally to choose the best products. He served over a thousand households in this area with a high standard of personal service and integrity.

As David’s business and family grew, he and his wife Betsy began to see Summit as a home away from home. They were increasingly attracted to the family appeal and sophistication of life in Summit – its tradition of high expectations for work and culture, as well as its simple home life and sense of community. In 2003, they left New York City and moved to Summit. They have lived in town ever since, and they are raising their two children here.

In 2008, David closed his rug store on Springfield Avenue. But at the same time, he greatly expanded his rug cleaning business. In the five years since he began focusing solely on rug cleaning and repair, he has cleaned and restored over 10,000 rugs from customers in Northern and Central New Jersey. With every rug he cleans, David brings nearly two decades of experience and expertise in the business.